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        CEWUD GROUP COMPANY LIMITED (hereinafter “CEWUD”) is one of the most comprehensive exploration & design institute with the most complete qualifications in China and a service outsourcing enterprise approved by the Ministry of Finance.

        CEWUD strives to become a comprehensive engineering service provider of first choice for customers. Currently, the company has acquired 40 certificates for design of projects concerning urban and rural planning, architecture, water conservancy, electric power, municipal engineering, landscape architecture,mapping and exploring, and owns over 90 invention and utility model patents, covering fields of construction, water conservancy, municipal works, electricity, landscaping and exploring & mapping. It also has branches in Shenzhen, Xinjiang,AnhuiandFuzhouto provide comprehensive solutions for technical researches, consultation, design, engineering contracting and financing in the engineering & construction field.

        CEWUD has a complete set of general contracting management system as well as an quality, environment and occupational health safety management system covering all business scope. The company has always adhered to a business philosophy of “dedication, integrity, perseverance and innovation”. Relying on its profound expertise, it has successfully provided engineering, consultation, design and project management service for over 1000 projects both at home and abroad, winning nearly 100 awards from abroad and at home.

        With the mission of carrying forward the wisdom of a famous university and demonstrating the values of Chinese projects, CEWUD aims to become the word engineering consulting corporation and a domestic fist-class engineering company.